About SitePosition

Our Company

SitePosition is the essential resource to unlocking your business’ full potential through effective and innovative digital marketing. We are a full-service digital marketing agency based in Toronto, Ontario, serving clients all over the world, helping them reap more success for their organization or business. Since 2001, we have been providing digital marketing solutions that have consistently developed and evolved with the changing technology, and today, we are proud to deliver technologically advanced, trending digital marketing services that have been proven effective for countless businesses.

The Team behind SitePosition

SitePosition was founded by Brendan Kerin, an expert digital marketer with more than 20 years in the industry. Brendan worked diligently to form one of the most competent and innovative digital marketing teams and gathered a diverse talent pool that includes innovators, influencers, SEO experts, social media gurus, and WordPress professionals. We combine our resources and proficiencies to be an effective and experienced team you can rely on for all your digital marketing needs.

Our Unique Services

At SitePosition, we don’t believe in generic, off-the-shelf services. We believe in individualized, optimized services. We get to know your business and then align our services to meet your demands and achieve your objectives. Be it Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click or any other service, we optimize it uniquely for you.

Why Choose Us

We are… Problem Solvers. In a way, all that we do is summed up as problem-solving. We fix websites; we fix businesses; we fix marketing strategies, and we fix low ROI. Anything in the way of marketing you need us to improve or optimize, we’ve got you covered. Authentic and Transparent. We do what we say and don’t believe in sugar-coating our words or exaggerating what we can accomplish. We are focused on earning your trust with full authenticity and transparency – no gimmicks, no tricks. ROI Focused and Results-Driven. To us, the end goal is always high Return on Investment and our services are the means to achieving it. We don’t stop working until we have achieved the results we promised. Technologically Forward. Being an experienced marketing firm, we have grown with the changing technology and continue to do so.

To know more about us or to inquire about anything, contact us today!