Google Analytics Services

Marketing with yesterday’s assumptions is ROI suicide

Google Analytics reveals the truth of your visitors

“Gut feel” guessing is not an option in today’s market. Google analytics equips you to make marketing decisions based on facts—instead of theory or opinion. It will benchmark your key performance indicators, identify your online strengths and weaknesses—and focus your marketing strategy on the real-world expectations and behaviors of your target prospects.

Get fast, accurate, reliable answers to marketing questions

Where are your visitors coming from? What keywords are they searching? Which pages do they visit? Which pages do they abandon? Where does your site fail to convert? Web analytics lets you listen and learn from your prospects—and respond quickly to test and tune your online strategy, website, and campaigns. Your ROI will no longer be hamstrung by a knowledge deficit.

Make your web site the toughest, canniest competitor in your arena

Gain actionable knowledge to refocus and manage your online performance for optimal ROI

Eliminate guesswork… get the facts. Learn prospects’ online behaviour What is working for you? What isn’t? Benchmark your online KPIs. Fine tune your audience targeting .Optimize your conversion funnel

Our web analytics services:

  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Strategy Development
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Analysis & Reporting Services

Make a small investment with massive up-side

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