How SitePosition does SEO

Best people, best technology, best practices, vast experience—and a make-it-so work ethic.

How we learned our craft so well

We didn’t learn from others because there were few others around. And we didn’t arrive after all the ground-breaking was done. We were in at the birth of SEO, and we learned the old-fashioned way—by doing.

The Web is a young medium, but all of our senior people already have over a decade of SEO experience. We came by our comprehensive SEO capabilities through years of study, testing, questioning, experimenting, and damn hard work.

“Best Practices”… what’s that about?

“Best Practices” is one of those abused terms many lay claim to, but fewer live by. Best Practices is not a program. It’s not about rhyming off a checklist of actions that any on-the-ball professional SEO includes. Best Practices is a philosophy, a commitment to excellence, a way of doing work. It’s how we work.

SitePosition is a Best Practices company—top to bottom, edge to edge. For us, it’s a simple equation and a good-for-business decision. Best Practices deliver best results. And results are what you hire us for.

Strategy drives SitePosition SEO

We’re SEO pragmatists, not theorists. For us, SEO exists for one single-minded purpose: to generate on-line business. To that end, for every project, we work with our clients to create a specific strategy, working back from the online business objectives. The strategy unifies all contributing disciplines and keeps all parties focused on achieving or, typically, beating the targeted results.

Technology helps… but humans do SEO

And that’s really the nut of the SitePosition difference. Our people and our in-house intellectual capital. We’re all veterans of the Web, all with a business and/or marketing background.

Yes, we use only best-of-breed technology, but so what? Data is useless, inert until human savvy and skill turn it into actionable knowledge. And that’s what we do. When bona fide experts work with excellent real-time data, SitePosition SEO gets done.

How we handle search engine change

We haven’t the time to hang out online in forums and discussion groups, analyzing search engine navel lint. And we don’t panic in the blogs when an engine releases a new update. We shrug, mutter under our breath, learn what the update wants SEO to do—then do it, working hard and fast to make sure our clients’ sites are in compliance, and tweaking the SEO into harmony with the new algorithm.

We’re b2b SEO specialists

We work with enterprise-scale customers, not-for-profit clients, and large retail customers, but we started out serving small to mid-size b2b clients, and that remains a sector of particular interest and expertise for us.

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