“We need a new paid search campaign.”

We need it, but nobody here can build it
New company… need to make a fast start
We’re not great at writing Google AdWords
I’ve been told we have to have landing pages
We can’t afford to get this wrong

Now’s the time to get everything right

From a clean start, every best practice can be focused on earning the ROI-critical benefits of the search engines’ good opinion.

  • Higher positioning and visibility for your ads
  • More and higher-quality click-through traffic
  • Reduced cost per click (CPC)
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Reduced cost-per-acquisition (CPAs)

From benchmarking to research, strategy, creative, and post-launch management and testing, your entire campaign can be tuned to the engines’ tough scoring for search relevance in ads and landing pages.

Recommended solution: SitePosition Better-Built Campaign

“Better-built” means built right first time. Your campaign is designed, built, launched, and test-managed for three months by our in-house Certified Google AdWords Professionals.

We build for maximum early visibility in Google, Facebook, And Bing! Ads, with particular emphasis on earning high-Quality Score with Google.

Post-launch, we are hands-on for three months—“dialing in” your campaign. We refine bid strategies, test ad and landing page variants, track performance and fine-tune daily, with regular reports and discussion.

Professional campaign development is a high-gain investment

The rapid performance returns of a better-built campaign and the welcome budget savings you accrue make their case. Launching with every best-practice box checked, and all the skill and craft of experts applied means your paid search budget is working smarter from day one.

Read a more detailed review of better-built PPC campaign development

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