“I haven’t the time to manage our SEO.”

We don’t have the in-house resources
We can’t keep up with search engine changes
I don’t want to lose the gains we’ve made

How you can lose your hard-won rankings

Your high rank challenges competitors to knock you off. If they’re active, and your SEO’s sleeping, sooner or later they’ll succeed.

If search engines find no new indexable content when they crawl your site, their trust in your site’s relevance drops.

Updates to search engine algorithms cause major shake-ups in the rankings. (Vigilant management will minimize SEO shock.)

Success in SEO is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge

The work never ends. No matter how strong your SEO and rankings, holding and growing what you’ve achieved takes a proactive strategy and constant care and feeding.

Recommended solution: Custom-fit SiteMomentum™ program

Even great SEO loses steam over time. SiteMomentum™ is an infinitely flexible hands-on SEO campaign management and SEO maintenance program—tailored to your precise needs for a professional overwatch of your SEO strategy.

This can include generating new content to keep the search spiders fed and happy… scheduled site performance analysis and reports… seeing and responding to trends in search patterns… whatever is deemed necessary for ongoing support of your SEO strategy and goals.

Stay the course… we can help

For more information on a customized SiteMomentum™ program, send us the quick request for contact.

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