“Our phone number is the only thing we rank for!”

  • We used to rank… now we don’t! What happened?
  • Maybe our IT guy’s not as good at SEO as we thought
  • Did our big site redesign trash our SEO visibility?
Expert SEO is the surefire cure-all for lost or failed rankings

Whatever the reason for losing or failing to gain rankings with major search engines, the solution always comes back to optimizing your site for today’s searchers, today’s search engine criteria and, now, today’s economy.

Our recommended solution: “Current State” SEO Audit

Our professional SEO audit gives you an honest, accurate benchmark, identifying existing deficiencies, defining your SEO opportunities, and suggesting a proper optimization program to get your site back in the natural search game—with guidance on what must be done to get to where you want to be.

The outcome document also includes competitor analysis, keyword research sampling, and other key analysis components. Here’s a more detailed look at our Current State Site Audit, how it works, and what’s entailed.

Our senior SEO specialists, content experts and search analysts will all contribute to your report. Talk to us now about the value of an SEO audit, send us a quick request for contact below. We’ll respond promptly.

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