SEO Audit


The Complete SEO Audit

A full Professional SEO Audit that gives you a comprehensive overview, action list to improve your website's performance.

SitePosition's standard SEO audit report typically includes:

  • Comprehensive 250+ point SEO Analysis.
  • Detailed report with explanations outlined.
  • Expert SEO Advice, with All Of Your Questions Answered.
  • We discuss SEO report findings with you.
  • Post-SEO Audit 2-week E-Mail Support.
  • Friendly, Courteous, and Experienced Staff.

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The Complete SEO Audit

With our Complete SEO Audit, you get:

Comprehensive 250+ point SEO Analysis: Your site will go under an exhaustive 250+ plus score analysis by one of our Senior SEO Analysts. Every key SEO element that influences your SEO is reviewed.

Comprehensive SEO Competence: No juniors on your project. Every SitePosition SEO Analyst that conducts this audit has over 10 years experience optimizing every kind of website.

Your SEO Questions Answered: Throughout the entire process, we answer your questions about SEO in general, your SEO report and any post-report related issues.

Pre-SEO Audit Interview: We learn your business before we start. We aim to gather as much information about your business before we start to ensure that the audit is custom fit to your business objectives.

Site Crawl Analysis: We crawl your site like Google does to uncover any hidden (or known) problems with your website.

Keyword Analysis & Review: We review your target keywords, including a keyword ranking report.

Website Review: We examine your entire website. Looking for issues that may be inhibiting your SEO performance.

Content Review: We evaluate your website content to ensure it is properly optimized, recommend modifications and improvements.

Link Analysis: We analyze your link popularity and inbound link profile to highlight link building opportunities, how your competitors compare and uncover any possible bad linking practices.

Competition Analysis: We provide extensive analysis of your competitors to reveal what is working for them and what you need to beat them.

We also include in our SEO audit, other key elements such as:

  • All key technical SEO elements reviewed
  • Complimentary Keyword Ranking Report
  • Mobile friendliness
  • User Experience
  • Search Experience
  • Site Speed
  • Local Optimization
  • Social Media

Detailed SEO Recommendations: All of the above completed, with the findings delivered to you within a comprehensive report before the 90-minute {telephone, Skype} consultation.

Then you will get:

  • 90-Minute Conversation to discuss your SEO Audit
  • Two Week E-Mail Support – Post-Audit Questions

You get all this for just $997.

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6 reviews for SEO Audit

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    0 out of 5

    We received a fantastic report and had a great and highly informative conversion. We learned a lot and were able to convince upper management to invest more in SEO with the road map outlined by SitePosition.

    Thank you everyone!

  2. Post
    4 out of 5

    SitePosition’s report and follow-up conversation confirmed my “gut-feel” about our former SEO provider. They outlined all of the problems with our site and gave us dozens of great recommendations. We now have hired SitePosition as our vendor of choice because of their excellent service and competency.

  3. Post
    4 out of 5

    Our audit had custom requirements for our organization. Our SEO analyst was able to custom-fit the SEO audit to our exact needs. SitePositon’s report was thorough and outlined a lot of important (immediate fixes) and SEO strategy items that were are currently implementing with great results to date.

  4. Post
    5 out of 5

    These guys have been at it for a long-time. I use them a lot for my agency clients. Many times I hire their audit services before I meet with a potential new client. I go in well-armed with great info about their current SEO status and how it can be improved upon.

  5. Post
    4 out of 5

    Real genuine characters. I thoroughly enjoyed working the SitePosition. What a breath of fresh air.

  6. Post
    5 out of 5

    I didn’t like the news their reports delivered, but it was well-thought out and they prioritized everything for me. I really liked that, as I didn’t have much time with SEO. After the audit, I have hire SitePosition to implement all of the fixes with my business’s WordPress website.

  7. Post
    4 out of 5

    I was a little miffed that it took longer than expected, cost a little more because my site is “enterprise level”. They did deliver on some very good ideas, in optimizing SEO with WordPress.

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