“My PPC campaign’s not producing!”

Higher PPC costs… lower ROI. Is it just me?
Our click traffic is ‘way down
My ads aren’t showing like they used to
I’ve got to get more out of my paid search budget

The heat is on! How do you achieve more for less?

Web marketers across all industries are confronting poor results with weakened budgets. But you don’t have to take what’s happened to your campaign. Of all media, paid search advertising grants you direct, rapidly actionable control.

Refocus, re-energize, re-optimize

Your campaign is failing because it was not designed to compete in a tougher marketplace, or to prosper under search engines’ scrutiny and rating for relevance. (See Quality Score)

Recommended solution 1: Campaign Re-Optimization

Re-optimizing your ads and landing pages is the most ROI-positive response you can make. Nothing else you can do will produce the scale of improvement, or provide an almost instant cure.

What are the benefits?

When your campaign delivers highly search-relevant ads to Google, Facebook or Bing! Ads you earn their approval, receive higher ad positioning, and get more traffic at a better price.

  • Higher Google AdWords Quality Score
  • Lower cost-per-click
  • Lower cost-per-acquisition
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Take a more detailed look at Campaign Re-Optimization
Recommended solution 2: Stay the course

You can’t succeed if you set-and-forget. High-performance campaigns need expert hands-on care and feeding. Whether in-house or outsourced, campaign management should be an on-going optimization effort, through keyword refinement, bid management, professional ad and landing page copy, and dedicated testing and tuning.

Professional search campaign management by SitePosition will deliver substantial performance uplifts—and significant budget savings to invest in conversion rate growth through testing and optimization.

Ask us about paid search campaign re-optimization

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