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SEO Audit by SitePositionYou do need to know. At any time, strong SEO is the golden key to ranking well and drawing higher quality traffic. In rough times, expert SEO is your most cost-effective, positive response to diminished traffic, reduced leads and sales, and longer sales cycles.

Optimizing or re-optimizing your Website is the speediest, strongest possible response to preserve your reputation and rankings within the major search engines. Excellent SEO will grow your share of the smaller but higher quality search traffic. All gains will be sustainable.

We Benchmark your SEO opportunity.

Our human side to building a great SEO audit.Even good SEO loses its charge over time. Our Report checks your Website SEO’s battery. Our SEO Benchmark Audit and Report is a thorough, candid and transparent investigation into the current state of your website optimization, your competitors’ SEO, and your SEO potential of growing ROI.

We put your current state under the microscope

We gather, analyze and report on every metric that reflects search optimization performance and/or influences your rankings. Typically, this SEO Audit forms an ideal benchmark for future-state SEO solutions.

A typical SEO audit report from SitePosition includes:
  • Comprehensive 250+ point SEO Analysis.
  • Detailed report with explanations of issues and suggested fixes.
  • Expert SEO Advice, with All Of Your Questions Answered.
  • We review the SEO report findings with you.
  • Post-SEO Audit 2-week E-Mail Support.
  • Friendly, Courteous, and Experienced Staff.
Are you making the most of your SEO opportunity?

Find out, with an actual real-world fix on how well your SEO is tuned for today’s natural search and your prime prospect searchers.

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You get a lot of value…

  • We learn your business.

    We learn about your business before we start. We aim to gather as much information about your business to ensure that it is tailored to your objectives.

  • Your website: We analyse 250+ critical factors.

    We review both your website, and your competitors. technical SEO elements. On/off-site factors.

  • Your competitors: They get audited too.

    Stack your website against your competitors. We review, analyze your top competitors against your site gaining valuable insight.

  • You Get Good Advice.

    No cookie-cutter fluff, techno jargon that gets you no farther ahead. You get actionable information from 15+ SEO veterans.

  • We have a 90-Minute Conversation.

    After you receive the report and have time to digest it. We conference to review your SEO report directly with you or your team.

  • Your Questions Answered.

    Throughout the entire process, we answer your questions about SEO in general, your SEO report and any post-report related questions.

  • Post-SEO Audit Email Support.

    After we are completed the audit, you receive 2-weeks of Email support to answer any additional questions you might have.

  • Friendly, Knowledgeable, & Experienced.

    You can’t buy experience. We have loads of it. SitePosition has been delivering premium SEO consulting services for over 15 years.

Perfect for:
Website Owners, Small Business, Enterprise, B2B, Agencies, Need a 2nd Opinion, Convincing your Boss.

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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our SEO Audit is backed by our Satisfaction Promise – if you are not happy, you don’t pay.

Standard SEO Audit


Per Domain
  • Full Website Analysis
  • Competitors Reviewed
  • 90-Minute Conversation
  • Expert SEO Advice
  • Link Profile Audit
  • Your Questions Answered
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Our SEO Audit Programs

Basic Audit


Per DomainBasic benchmark & site audit
  • Full Website Analysis
  • 30-Minute Conversation
  • Expert SEO Advice
  • Your Questions Answered
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Enterprise Audit


Per DomainFor larger, more complex websites.

  • Full Website Analysis
  • 5 Competitors Reviewed
  • 2 x 90-Minute Conversation
  • Expert SEO Advice
  • Link Profile Audit
  • Competitor Link Profile Audit
  • Your Questions Answered
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For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What our latest clients say…

  • “SitePosition’s report and follow-up conversation confirmed my “gut-feel” about our former SEO provider. They outlined all of the problems with our site and gave us dozens of great ideas. We have hired SitePosition as our vendor of choice because of their excellent service and competency.”
  • “We received a fantastic report and had a great and highly informative conversion. We learned a lot and were able to convince upper management to invest more in SEO with the road map outlined by SitePosition.

    Thank you everyone!”

  • “The SEO audit had some custom requirements for our organization. Our SEO analyst was able to custom-fit to our exact needs. SitePositon’s report was thorough, and outlined a lot of important (immediate fixes) and SEO strategy items that were are currently implementing with great results to date.”

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s one of our core strengths. It’s also one of the most labour intensive services we offer.
Satisfaction Promise – if you aren’t happy, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.
7-21 days depending on size and scope of the SEO audit. We’ll let you right at the start, the expected time to complete it.
Absolutely, you can hire us to fix SEO problems that we find in the audit.