SEO Code of Ethics

Given that SitePosition and our clients are working together to present pertinent, accurate, high-quality website information in a visitor-friendly format, and given that SitePosition is contracted to assist our clients in obtaining and sustaining higher rankings for their pages; we voluntarily adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

SitePosition will never knowingly harm a client. We will employ no technology, procedure or program known to risk the customer site being removed from search engine indexes or directories, or rendered inoperative.

SitePosition will not knowingly violate any rules published and enforced by search engines or directories. Search engine rules and guidelines change periodically. When they do, SitePosition will act promptly to ensure all of our clients’ websites are in compliance with such changes. In cases where questions are raised regarding rules and guidelines, SitePosition will contact the relevant search engine(s), request clarification, and await specific guidance.

SitePosition will not knowingly mislead, harm, or offend a consumer. SitePosition will not be a party to presenting false or misleading content on a client website. SitePosition will not be a party to utilizing techniques which may cause a visitor to be misled by information given to or by the search engine, or harmed or offended upon arrival at a client site. SitePosition will not countenance the use of such techniques as “bait and switch” — i.e. creating client pages which do not substantially contain and clearly relate to the optimized keyword or phrase, or which may offend targeted visitors.

SitePosition will not knowingly violate any laws. Provincial/State, federal and international copyright, trademark, service mark laws, and laws pertaining to spamming, will be adhered to strictly.

SitePosition will not represent the work of others as our own. This includes work done either on previously completed projects or for current client projects.

SitePosition will not misrepresent our abilities, certifications, standards, education, training, affiliations, technical inventory, or experience. This includes our performance history, company resources (staff, equipment, and proprietary products), and client lists.

SitePosition will not set unreasonable client expectations. This includes the practice of accepting multiple clients competing for the same keywords and implying/promising that all will achieve top search engine rankings. This also includes implication or promise that results can be obtained within a time frame that is unrealistic given known search engines behaviours, the condition of the client site, and the state of competition.

SitePosition will protect the confidentiality and anonymity of our clients with regards to privileged information and items implying testimonial support for SitePosition. All staff of SitePosition are bound to protect confidential and sensitive or proprietary information. Without explicit approvals, SitePosition will not publish testimonials, proprietary logos, press releases, or any other collateral materials discussing the client.

SitePosition will work to our best ability to increase or retain the rankings of client sites. Clients contract for a fee with SitePosition to obtain and maintain search engine placement. SitePosition is charged with an obligation to employ appropriate, ethical technology and methods to improve and maintain their clients’ rankings in the environment of shifting search engine technology, competitors’ strategies, and the needs of the customer’s website.