Why invest in SEO?

Gain organic ranking. Get found. Shorten sales cycles. Boost conversion rates. More cost-effective than any other e-marketing strategy.

What is SEO about?

It’s all about building stable, long-term organic search results. It’s about getting ranked well in organic search… building high-quality traffic… and boosting conversion rates. It’s about doing business well on the web.

Search Engine Optimization, correctly performed by ethical professionals, tunes your site to the high, constantly changing expectations of the search engines—ensuring that they can access and index every page. No index? No ranking, no traffic.
It sounds simple. It isn’t.

Best-practices SEO, as performed by SitePosition’s pros, is a the skillset of many disciplines: linguistics, web architecture and design, business savvy, marketing, technology and, above all, intimate knowledge of what search engines and searchers expect from your site. Conversion centric SEO is a complex, long-learned craft that, bluntly, few organizations possess in-house.

Do 20+ years of experience make a difference?

Our clients certainly think so. Good SEO is a human knowledge skillset and our humans were there when SEO was born.

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