Visitors click to your site to get the word on your business, services and products. They want fat-free, reader-friendly information. You want to deliver it with persuasive prose.

Strong SEO strategies deliver high traffic volume… but the conversion will always come down to the written word. In the Web’s early years, copywriting was all too often the most undervalued and misunderstood element of a Web site. Today, with a decade of experience and research in place, Web users’ expectations of Web writing are well understood.

They want clarity, easy readability, and pertinent, detail-rich text, presented in digestible pieces (why else are you reading here?) They want copy that leads them logically from point to point. And they have little patience for writing that doesn’t meet their expectations.

If they come to a site where the web copy fails to speak directly to their key points of interest, or where the web writing is weak or disorganized, they’re more likely to bail from your site than persevere with reading. Knowing this, the professional Web copywriter must use all the skills of traditional marketing writing — leavened with knowledge of how words work on the Web.

Effective web writing blends two skills.

Developing copy for a Web site is, typically, a collaboration between the client and the Web service provider — assuming the Web house offers professional web writing in its service portfolio. The client’s role is to produce the company’s core message and content, since they know their product or service best, and are attuned to their marketplace.

However, the majority of clients, and (dare we say it?) ad agencies, have little or no background in the nuances of writing for the Web. Developing a keyword strategy, for example, requires writing skills and subtleties that no other medium demands.

SitePosition can help!

Your company may be fortunate to have good writers on staff, able to author appropriate web-optimized content, but should you need professional website copywriting, SitePosition’s writers can either develop your site content from the blank page — or tune supplied text to an effective list-climbing, traffic-building, sales converting strategy.

It costs nothing to ask

Is your current or proposed web content reader useful and reader friendly? Does it work from the company out, or from your visitor back? Does it engage the visitor with interactive voice? Are your keywords and phrases embedded with a scalpel or a sledgehammer? Does the content work towards conversion?

Ask us. Our copywriting team will give your site content a frank appraisal. No cost. No obligation. No bull.

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